Which team member can help you best?

Our team of professionals have an array of knowledge in a variety of areas, each customized to reflect your desires, challenges and goals. Below you can learn more about each member and their specific area of expertise for a consultation.


Darrin Fleming

President & Co-Founder
Darrin has developed proven approaches for analyzing the market, understanding customer needs, and developing effective strategies.
Darrin is an expert in Value Selling Training.

How he can help:

  • Value Selling Training to improve sales performance
  • Teaching the value selling methodology 
  • Executing your marketing strategy.

David Svigel

COO & Co-Founder
David helps clients refine their value propositions and create value modeling tools. He identifies important value drivers and building value analyses.
David is an expert in Value Proposition Development.

How he can help:

  • Defining and communicating your value message.
  • Developing a value proposition that resonates 
  • Creating credible financial justification tools.

Patty Baumgarder

Head of Sales
With 30 years of selling and management, Patty believes selling value is a learned technique and helps her clients learn it inside and out. 
Patty is an expert with Financial Justification Tools.

How she can help:

  • Choosing the right tool 
  • Configuring value selling tool solution sets for customers

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